Gumbo Ce Soir

Gumbo Ce Soir, an Austin Texas based Cajun band, came together by their love for traditional Cajun music. They come from diverse backgrounds and bring unique elements to their own brand of traditional Cajun fiddle tunes. Gumbo Ce Soir has had the privilege of playing along side Austin Cajun greats like Charles Thibodeaux (Austin Cajun Aces) and Peter Schwarz( former member of Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys). They have performed at SXSW, Fredericksburg Crawfish Boil, KUTX Summer Map Jam, the Austin String Festival and entertained at popular places in Austin like “The Evangeline Cafe”, “The Hole In The Wall”, “The White Horse Saloon,” “ABGB’s”.

Matt Besinaiz was raised on the Texas Gulf Coast and comes from French roots. Matt’s musical experience spans a wide range of styles in addition to Cajun including Punk, Rockabilly, and Country. He played mandolin with Austin’s familiar country bluegrass-metal band, “The Doolins”, and has mixed it up on fiddle and guitar with Charles Thibodeaux and the Austin Cajun Aces.

Heather Rae Johnson , raised near Portland OR, Heather Rae found a dusty old fiddle in her Grandma’s attic at the age of 9 and took up playing. While studying classical violin in college in Tucson, she saw the bright neon light which led her to the honky-tonk. She’s fiddled in dance halls, juke joints, and under shade trees all over the West and parts of the South, calling Austin, TX home. She joined Gumbo Ce Soir in late 2012, and has been steeping herself in Cajun music ever since. And she still plays lovingly on that old dusty fiddle from Grandma’s attic.

Bob Hardister, coming from the greater Houston area, is no stranger to Cajun music. He played in Country bands while studying music at the University of North Texas and has mastered a wide range of instruments such as piano, bass, guitar, drums, trombone and the Cajun accordion.

Cary Ozanian and Darren Sluyter, ex-members of the Austin based band called “the Weary Boys” joined Gumbo Ce Soir a year later to make their sound complete.

Matt, Pete, Heather, Bob, Cary and Sluyter look forward to continuing to play traditional Cajun music at night clubs and events across Austin. It’s understandable why these 5 minstrels prefer the joyful and melodic sounds of Cajun music. You are invited to spend some time listening and learning about the Cajun culture with them so that soon you, too, will be chanting: “Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler-Let the Good Times Roll.

Gumbo Ce Soir at The Continental